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Call: +250 788 197 000 info@ea-africaexchange.com

East Africa Exchange (EAX) is a commodity exchange

Application Process

East Africa Exchange (EAX) is a membership based organization.

All traders are required to subscribe to EAX membership program prior to trading through the exchange.

To acquire EAX membership the following four steps are required:

Step 1:

Contact the EAX office in  Kigali or Nairobi for inquiries about becoming a member of EAX. Application forms are available at EAX offices or can be downloaded using the link (http://www.ea-africaexchange.com/application-forms.html), on the EAX website.

Step 2:

Complete the membership application form and submit it along with the documents requested on the form that applies to your organization or area of interest, and submit with an application processing fee of $100USD. Please contact EAX office for information on mode of payment.

Step 3:

All applicants who submit their application for membership with the required documents will be notified on their membership status within 30 days. If your application is successful you will be required to pay the EAX membership fees depending on the type of your membership. Details about EAX membership fees can be found on the membership application form.

In order to encourage membership, the Exchange has special arrangement for interested parties who have difficulties in submitting membership fees at application. Details of this arrangement can be obtained from the Exchange.

Step 4:

All successful EAX members will undergo initial training on the Exchange product and services, rules and regulation and trading through the Exchange.

 General Notice:

 - Prior to trading on the Exchange, all new members must be approved by the Capital Market Authority (CMA). Information on the approval process is available through the Exchange’s membership manager.

- All EAX members will be assigned EAX Identification Number ( ID number) , EAX ID card and EAX Membership Certificate

 All membership inquiries should be sent to:

Visit EAX office:

Kigali City Tower, 12th Floor

P.O. Box 1284

Avenue du Commerce (KN 67 St.)

Kigali, Rwanda

Cavendish  building,4th floor, 
14 Riverside Drive,
P.O. Box 1708 -00600 
Nairobi, Kenya

Rights and Obligations

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Application Process

East Africa Exchange (EAX) is a membership based organization. All traders are required to subscribe to EAX membership program prior to trading...
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Application Forms

EAX is a membership based organization. All interested parties are required to apply for membership to facilitate their  participation in tr...
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