• WM1: 290RWF 30
  • WM2: 280RWF 30
  • WM3: 275RWF 30
  • WM4: 270RWF 30
  • BS1: 440FRW 20
  • BS2: 430FRW 10
  • BS3: 425FRW 30
  • BS4: 420FRW 20
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East Africa Exchange (EAX) is a commodity exchange

Members Benefits


List of Benefits – Membership with East Africa (Commodity) Exchange

  • Guarantee of Quality & Quantity of Commodities Traded
  • Provide facilities to enhance the quality of your grain (drying, cleaning and weighing )-coops
  • Grading of grains to inform on quality and make it easy to price by market segments-coops
  • Grains sold on the Exchange are backed by quantity and quality guarantees by world class collateral manager-seller/banks

Warehouse Receipting System

  • Crops are converted into tradables held in electronic form and transferred from owner to several buyers
  • Can use crops as collateral for bank loans

NASDAQ Electronic Trading Platform

  • Enabling buyers and sellers to trade from anywhere in the world
  • Buyers can negotiate directly with seller to determine prices acceptable to both using technology from anywhere in the world
  • Real prices for crops are gathered and sent to all market actors
  • Traders are paid within five days of trade through a bank transfer

Availability of Stock

Direct partnership with producers that aggregate their grains and deposit them into Exchange certified warehouses

Linking Farmers to Markets

  • Exchange continues to expand its network of buyers and sellers in Rwanda, the East African region and across Africa
  • Exchange is working to achieve a ratio of (1) seller to (3) buyers

Access to Financing with Banking Partners : Farmers & Traders

  • Exchange serves as liaison between banks and farmers and traders to improve financial inclusion for agricultural stakeholders
  • Goal is to assist farmers and traders in obtaining working capital

Access to Information on Pricing

  • Price tickers in Exchange certified warehouses will display prices on maize and beans
  • Farmers who are informed can negotiate better prices for themselves and avoid selling in distress to middle men
  • Weekly publication in local newspapers will display results from trading session at the Exchange, positioning the Exchange as a price reference center
  • Try to avoid the informal system of price 

Capacity Building for Farmers

  • Through education and training programs farmers will learn modern and proper grain handling techniques and practices
  • Quality of crops will improve through collateral management services
  • Improved quality standards will reduce the risks for banks, easing the lending process to farmers 

Contract Based Trading

  • Trading through spot contracts ensures contracts are sold for immediate delivery
  • Contract for future delivery to manage price risk
A model for illustrating the benefits of using electronic warehouse receipt as well as trading with the EAX.

Rights and Obligations

Rights of Members Members who subscribed to trade with the East African Exchange have the following rights and obligation: Access to o...
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Application Process

East Africa Exchange (EAX) is a membership based organization. All traders are required to subscribe to EAX membership program prior to trading...
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Members Testimonials

Members Testimonials
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Members Benefits

  List of Benefits – Membership with East Africa (Commodity) Exchange Guarantee of Quality & Quantity of Commodities Traded...
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Application Forms

EAX is a membership based organization. All interested parties are required to apply for membership to facilitate their  participation in tr...
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EAX offers four categories of memberships: EAX Certified Traders Non-Broking: These are traders who can only trade for themselves and are a ...
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