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  • WM2: 280RWF 30
  • WM3: 275RWF 30
  • WM4: 270RWF 30
  • BS1: 440FRW 20
  • BS2: 430FRW 10
  • BS3: 425FRW 30
  • BS4: 420FRW 20
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East Africa Exchange (EAX) is a commodity exchange

Our services

EAX services

As a regional-integrated commodity exchange in East Africa, EAX created a modern and efficient marketplace to trade spot, forward, and futures contracts in agricultural, non-agricultural, electricity, and other derivative products. The exchange is powered by the NASDAQ OMX X-Stream trading platform.

EAX started by agriculture sector products. It has established an exchange market in maize, beans, soya, wheat, paddy rice and sorghum and offers services of:

  • Professional storage at its integrated warehouse infrastructure in different locations in Rwanda and in Kenya
  • Collateral Management services backed by product guarantees: grain cleaning, drying, grading, weighing, fumigation
  • Electronic Warehouse Receipts issuance, financing and trading
  • Commodity trading on NASDAQ platform in Rwanda, in the East Africa region and worldwide
  • Risk management services offered to EAX registered members (advisory on quantity and quality deterioration, lower prices, post harvest losses on payment delays and trading disputes)
  • Training of members on EAX products and service especially on the use of electronic warehouse receipt as a trading and financial instrument. 
  • Trade Settlement for buyers and sellers with service level aim of 2 days after trade (T+2)
  • Price data and other valuable trading information updates, daily commodities prices, information on expiration of receipts using of SMS and EAX website. 

Commodity Trading

EAX operates a fully automated trading platform where participants can buy and sell products from the convenience of their location of choice, or...
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Collateral Management

One of the greatest challenges that smallholder farmers face in East Africa is access to finance. This is because farmers cannot guarantee the pr...
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Trade Settlement

Settlement is done by:       1) Delivery of commodity Seven Days after Trade (T+7)       2) Transfer of of cash...
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Risk Management

All business are subject to risks. In an effort to minimise and mitigate risks, East Africa Exchange (EAX) has establised mechanisms and strategi...
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Electronic Warehouse Receipt

Electronic warehouse receipt is an online record representation of a physically stored good at any certified East Africa Exchange (E.A.X) warehou...
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Warehouse Services

Use of warehouses EAX warehouses are where EAX value-addition begins. Farmers are able to bring their grains to the warehouse in order to recei...
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