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East Africa Exchange (EAX) is a commodity exchange

Category: Internal Event

East Africa Exchange now in Eldoret, Kenya

Kenya. Fri 22 Jan 2016, 12:00 am

Nairobi Kenya, 18/1/2016 - The East Africa Exchange has achieved yet another milestone in its expansion program with the acquisition of its first warehouse in Eldoret, Kenya. The warehouse which is located along Uganda road has a capacity of 4000MT which is a significant addition to the current capacity of 15000 MT, in 8 warehouses managed by the exchange in its headquarters based in Rwanda.

East Africa Exchange was re-launched as a regional agricultural commodities exchange in June 2014 and has since ventured into the larger East African market with a notable presence in Kenya, Burundi and Uganda.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Kenya East Africa Exchange country Manager, Constantine Kandie said, “We are excited to finally set up shop in the heart of Kenya’s bread basket and are eager to extend our products and services to the people of Eldoret, Kenya and East Africa at large’’.

The Exchange has already commenced efforts towards operationalizing the warehouse with a projected official launch in March 2016. Some of the products and services that will be on offer include, warehouse services; weighing, cleaning, grading, storage, Commodity trading through the Nasdaq platform and Electronic Warehouse receipting and financing in collaboration with financial institutions. 

We at The East Africa Exchange are grateful to all our partners and members for their continued support this far and are open to strategic partnerships in the region. For any inquiries, contact us on;

Kenya East Africa Exchange,Cavendish Building, 4th floor,14 Riverside Drive, P.O. Box 1708 -00600 Nairobi, Kenya

Office: +254 20 4231245  

E-mail: c.wachira@ea-africaexchange.com 


Rwanda East Africa Exchange, Kigali City Tower, 12th Floor P.O. Box 1284,Avenue du Commerce (KN 67 St.) Kigali, Rwanda

Office: +250 788 197 000

E-mail: info@ea-africaexchange.com

Facebook: https: //www.facebook.com/EastAfricaExchange

Twitter: EAX_Exchange

Published By: Dr. Kadri Alfah

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Dr. Kadri Alfah About the Author / Dr. Kadri Alfah

EAX Country Manager, Rwanda

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