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The exchange brings a modern and efficient marketplace to allow spot, forward, and futures contracts trading in agricultural, minerals and metal spaces. EAX primarly intervene in the agriculture sector and has therefore established full services of exchange market in maize, beans, soya, wheat, paddy rice and sorghum


At EAX, we offer the following services:

  • Professional storage services at EAX certified warehouse located in Rwanda;
  • Collateral Management services backed by guarantees of quality and quantity, grain cleaning, drying, grading, weighing, fumigation;
  • Electronic Warehouse Receipts issuance, financing and trading;
  • Commodity trading in Rwanda, East Africa region and worldwide;
  • Risk management services in terms of advisory on quantity and quality deterioration, low and high prices, profit and loss analysis, post harvest losses, payments and trading disputes;
  • Members Training on EAX products and services especially on the use of electronic warehouse receipt as instrument for trading and financial;
  • Trade Settlement for sellers with service level agreement of 2 days after trade (T+2) and;
  • Market Data with information oversight on trading schedules/events information updates, daily commodities prices, information on expiration of receipts.