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East Africa Exchange (EAX) is a commodity exchange

Company Profile

EAX commodites stored in wharehouse

EAX is regional commodity exchange offering commodity trade services in Rwanda and East Africa Community (EAC) common markets (173 million consumers) in key staples food crops such as Maize, Beans and Soya. EAX deals with high quality products meeting the requirement of EAC standards. Key value proposition is guaranteed quantity and quality of farmers’ grains, reliability of trade and settlement services and high level of risk mitigation. The company was created in 2013 to further strengthen EAC regional integration by developing a common and coherent financial sector in agriculture, energy and mining. EAX links deprived rural farmers to financial markets. It offers financial product development to its members and facilitates trades regionally and worldwide. EAX is a private capital investment injected by Nicolas Berggruen (Berggruen Holdings, USA), Tony Elumelu (Heirs Holdings, Nigeria) and Jendayi Frazer (50 Ventures, USA). Rwanda has ownership through Ngali Holdings Ltd. Formally launched in July 2014 by 3 Heads of State (Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda), EAX has its head office in Kigali, Rwanda. The company registration has been also completed in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi. 

215 members are registered. These members include maize, beans, soya, wheat, sorghum and paddy rice producers, traders, brokers, millers and commercial banks across the region.

Among these members, EAX registered:

  • Agricultural cooperatives in Rwanda covering about 80,000 small holder farmers who are seeking secured storage, quality improvements to their harvest, inventory management & financing, secured markets and better prices are fully registered and work with EAX in the commodity market. 

  • Key Off-takers/traders such as RGCC, Sarura, ETG, PRODEV/MINIMEX, Sosoma and WFP

  • All members are signed, trained in-house or through collaborations with other EAX partners on: grading standards, collateral management, warehouse receipts financing, commodity prices, trading by warehouse receipts using NASDAQ, EAX brokerage model, etc.

  • Certified brokers to support farmers to trade, provide price advice, arrange transport and logistics, settle trades on behalf of farmers or other non-members.

  • EAX has also registered commercial banks (Ecobank, BPR, GT Bank, Equity Bank, Urwego Opportunity Bank) which have national and regional coverage and engaged successfuly with EAX on warehouse receipt financing program. These financial institution partner with EAX to develop and deploy customized loan products for farmers.

Currently traded product are Maize, Beans, Soya and expansion is targeting Coffee, Tea, Wheat and Paddy rice

Board of Directors

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Management Team

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Company Profile

EAX is regional commodity exchange offering commodity trade services in Rwanda and East Africa Community (EAC) common markets (173 million consum...
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