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East Africa Exchange (EAX) is a commodity exchange


System Integration Strategy


Date: 18 September 2018 


In line of transforming agriculture from subsidiary to commercial, EAX has been awarded a grant from Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA) Rwanda aiming to increase trade competitiveness and strengthening export capacity of staples. To implement this grant, EAX is looking to recruit a software developer consultant who will assist internal IT work to improve trade efficiency. The purpose of the work is to deliver a USSD and Android based mobile application which will be used by East Africa Exchange (EAX) members. The application targets to streamline processes of buying and selling in grains business especially maize and beans markets. EAX hereby invites submission of financial and technical proposals from local consultants (companies or individual software development service providers) to support EAX Information Communication Technology (ICT) and market data department in the development of mobile user interfaces, database and backend application made of both android and USSD functions. The below Terms of References  (TOR) define the scope of work, a selected consultant will be asked to accomplish in integrating new mobile application features with the current existing web based electronic warehouse receipt system and associated IT system architecture.

Contract duration:  

Four (4) months. 


EAX is a regional commodity exchange, which began its trading operations through auctions and spot trades in June 2013. EAX was established to link smallholder’s famers to the wider agricultural markets; to secure competitive and fair prices for their produce; and to facilitate their access to finance. Trading operations are powered by desktop NASDAQ OMX trading system and web based electronic warehouse receipt system playing the role of central depository of traded receipts hold by members. EAX has already established an organized marketplace, where buyers and sellers come together to trade, while being assured with guarantees of preserving quality and quantity as well as timely payment and delivery of commodity products. EAX certified registered members (buyers and sellers of agriculture commodities) especially those from the group of small holder farmers’ cooperatives don’t have access to computers therefore trade at EAX with limitations on access to NASDAQ System. However a good number of traders own mobile smart phones and the majority of cooperatives’ members have access to feature phones that can allow Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) interfaces. This project will come up with a solution of building software components with features of USSD and Smart phone android application programs to support and improve the efficiency of EAX marketplace in linking producers (cooperatives and agribusiness companies) to EAX buyers.   

Context of the problem to solve:

This project seeks to resolve a problem of communication inefficiency found in connecting farmers to the EAX marketplace. The development work will deliver features that integrate well with existing software systems such as electronic warehouse receipt (EWR), membership database MIS and X-stream Nasdaq trading.  The mobile application should improve the following key ICT functions: 

1)Buying & selling process by bringing efficiency in electronic commodities trading and; 

2)Member’s messages notifications between participants and EAX market controller. 

The outcome shall facilitate communication between EAX market controller and members via mobile phones. EAX built a membership database that caters for registration information of farmers and have developed an electronic warehouse receipt system to store and manage agriculture commodities depositories. Member’s representatives from cooperatives and agribusiness companies are provided with usernames and passwords to use while accessing electronic warehouse receipts and while trading at EAX marketplace using NASDAQ trading platform. There are three types of trading initiatives at the EAX: (1) Auction in which one seller is selling to multiple buyers; (2) Reverse Auction in which one buyer is buying from multiple sellers and (3) Spot trading in which multiple sellers sell to multiple buyers. When there is a trading event, EAX invite both sellers and buyers to participate in the trade event organized and operated by the EAX market controller. Members who deposited their grains in EAX certified warehouses can participate in the trade as sellers and are issued with electronic warehouse receipt prior the trade date. The electronic warehouse receipt is record indicating information about product type, receipt number, receipt ownership, grade, product origin and quantity in Metric Tons (MT) owned by receipt holder. The following diagram shows system integration strategy of EAX and an overview of what areas of intervention required in terms of data communication, the new mobile application will cater for. 

Scope of duties and responsibilities:

Specifically, the software development service provider will be required to:

Develop and deploy a USSD and Mobile application using android platform and accessed by three types of users such as non-registered trader, registered member and a market controller. 

Conduct software requirement gathering and document the system development product specifications document as the inception project report. The system development product specifications document is recommended to outline the statement of work to be done, project plan containing milestones and sprints deliverables, required resources, software testing procedures and should be approved by EAX ICT and market data management.  

Write the program source code, implement database tables, capture existing information and plan the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) process for members data, messages data, stock positions data, trade schedules, trade prices and trade quantities. 

Work with respect to the requirement gathering and software system specifications; 

Work in accordance to agile software development methodology with sprints of three days reporting and weekly reports on work progress. 

Implement software features as per discussed in the weekly meeting and endeavor to document after three month, the mid-term work progress report. 

Provide the training, and ensure the deployment of the system to test server and live server. 

Document user manual and the final system implementation report that will include the maintenance plan.

During the course of implementation of this consultancy work, any change requested by EAX ICT and Market Data department in respect to the scope of work outlined above, will be executed by the Consultant without any further cost. The final payment will be subject to the EAX ICT and Market data department approval of the quality of deliverables. 

Deliverables and payment schemes:

The payment of the work completed will issued to the consultant in three installments subject to the approval of quality of following deliverables: 

Detailed weekly reports;

Application program source code and database files for an android application;

Application program source code for USSD application; 

User manual document;

System documentations: (Inception, mid-term and final);

Approved inception project report – 1st payment installment of 20%; 

Approved mid-term work progress report – 2nd payment installment of 40%; 

Approved user manual and final system implementation report – Final payment installment 40%;


The software developer consultant will work under the guidance and direct supervision of EAX Head of ICT and Market Data.

Criteria to measure success:

Both USSD and Android applications will be measured for success based on the following major criteria:  

Cleaner code that allow reusability, scalability; 

Accuracy of data stored and retrieved;  

Efficient data access and manipulation and; 

Efficient application programs;

Very well done system documentations.

Qualifications and experience:

The contractor to be selected to work as software developer consultant should have minimum qualification of a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, Information Technology or Information Systems or Software Engineering or a related fields with hands on experience of a minimum of 5 years in software development, Android and USSD application program coding and system integration.  A Master’s Degree in a related field is preferred. 

The contractor should master Android and USSD with Java and PHP programming. He/she should have strong skills in JavaScript, JQUERY, XML, HTML5 and Android. 

The contractor should have a good understanding and experience of software development frameworks in JAVA such as Spring framework or Struts 2 framework; and in PHP such as Code Igniter, Zend Framework, Cake PHP or Yii. 

Expert knowledge in design and development of database systems like MySQL and  NoSQL types of databases such as MongoDB; 

Hands-on experience of working on APIs and Amazon Web Services EC2, is highly required. 

Submission of financial and technical proposals:

Interested software developer service providers must submit a financial and technical proposal; and detailed CV listing at least three references to: ( eaxsystems@ea-africaexchange.com )  


RSSB Tower II, 6th Floor, African Union Boulevard | KN 3 Rd (Péage), Kiyovu, Nyarugenge, Kigali, Rwanda, Phone: +250 788 197 000

Deadline of submission is Sunday, 30th September 2018. 


Quotations must clearly distinguish the financial proposal and the technical proposal with details in line with the scope of the work. All quotations received after this date will not be considered. 

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