• WM1: 220RWF 10
  • WM2: 210RWF 5
  • WM3: 205RWF 10
  • WM4: 200RWF 10
  • BS1: 350FRW 10
  • BS2: 340FRW 0
  • BS3: 330FRW 10
  • BS4: 320FRW 0
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East Africa Exchange (EAX) is a commodity exchange

Warehouse Services

Warehouse services

Use of warehouses

EAX warehouses are where EAX value-addition begins. Farmers are able to bring their grains to the warehouse in order to receive services such as weighing, grading, cleaning, and drying, or they can choose to store safely and securely. Farmers who opt to deposit commodities for storage at EAX warehouses are able to either trade their commodity on the X-stream trading platform, or seek financing from financial institutions through our electronic warehouse receipt (EWR).

Collateral management services

Services high standard strorage facilities, grading, drying, weighing, fumigation, cleaning, sorting and re-bagging are offered at EAX accredited warehouses. Collateral management is core function of EAX's warehouse operations, enabling the warehouse to issue warehouse receipts named Good Received Notes(GRN) with integrity. EAX offers as well Electronic Warehouse Receipts (EWR) upon request and carefully mitigates the inherent risk in trading by guaranteeing the E-WR existence, ownership, quantity, quality and location of the traded commodities at the exchange to buyers and also provides guarantees of commodities in storage to financial instituitions.

Commodity Trading

EAX operates a fully automated trading platform where participants can buy and sell products from the convenience of their location of choice, or...
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Collateral Management

One of the greatest challenges that smallholder farmers face in East Africa is access to finance. This is because farmers cannot guarantee the pr...
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Trade Settlement

Settlement is done by:       1) Delivery of commodity Seven Days after Trade (T+7)       2) Transfer of of cash...
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Risk Management

All business are subject to risks. In an effort to minimise and mitigate risks, East Africa Exchange (EAX) has establised mechanisms and strategi...
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Electronic Warehouse Receipt

Electronic warehouse receipt is an online record representation of a physically stored good at any certified East Africa Exchange (E.A.X) warehou...
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Warehouse Services

Use of warehouses EAX warehouses are where EAX value-addition begins. Farmers are able to bring their grains to the warehouse in order to recei...
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Benefits of collateral management

The benefits of collateral management

  • Product Guarantee: Products that are deposited at a warehouse with collateral management are guaranteed 100% in regard to quality and quantity for the duration of its storage.
  • Value-Added Service: EAX provides and maintains quality standards in respect to product grades. Better grading and standards rewards higher-quality products with appropriate prices in the marketplace.
  • Confidence-building in the Financial Markets: Farmers are able to use a properly-registered e-WR as collateral to secure financing from banks. With EAX's guarantees of quality and quantity, lending risk is significantly reduced and banks are able to extend credit to agricultural clients at reduced rates.

At the point of collection at the warehouse, EAX issues an e-WR representing in detail, the commodity deposited at the warehouse. In addition, CMI guarantees delivery of the commodity with the quality and quantity indicated on the issued receipt, and is liable for both foreseen and unforeseen losses of the underlying products. EAX will also provide value-added services such as cleaning, fumigation, bagging, and ultimately preparing the product for trade.

The electronic Warehouse receitp (e-WR) holds information of the title of ownership of grains on a printed or soft copy. The e-WR is only valid and transferable in its electronic form by the exchange or its accredited agent to members of the excange including financial institutions. e-WRs can be transferred to a new holder and to credit provider (where the stored commodity is pledged as security against the receipt for a loan) to secure financing for the purchase of seeds, fertilizers, and equipment for any farming operations, or used by cooperatives and commodity merchants to access working capital facilities from financial institutions. The e-WRs can also be traded on the Over The Counter (OTC) market. However, ownership of an e-WR cannot be transferred without authorization by the exchange. Usually the transfer of ownership is done right after the trade and is in accordance to the trade result report. In this capacity, the e-WR offers increased reliability, lower transaction costs, creates overall efficiency and builds trust among market sectors.

EAX certified warehouses

Currently EAX has certified the following warehouses in Rwanda and in Kenya

Location District Province Capacity in MT How many Sites? Country
Rwinkwavu-Gasarabwayi* Kayonza East 2,800 2 Rwanda
Rwabicuma Nyanza South 2,000 1 Rwanda
Mayange* (SILO) Bugesera East 6,000 1 Rwanda
Musha-Butare-Kayigi Rwamagana East 3,000 3 Rwanda
Cyuve* Musanze North 4,000 1 Rwanda
Rwimpiri Karongi West 4,000 2 Rwanda
Kageyo-Byumba Gicumbi North 2,000 2 Rwanda
Eldoret Uasin Gishu County Western Kenya 4,000 1 Kenya

* Facilities are equiped with Mechanical dryer

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