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  • WM2: 285RWF 40
  • WM3: 275RWF 30
  • WM4: 265RWF 20
  • BS1: 425FRW 10
  • BS2: 410FRW 5
  • BS3: 405FRW 10
  • BS4: 400FRW 15
Call: +250 788 197 000 info@ea-africaexchange.com

East Africa Exchange (EAX) is a commodity exchange




Board of Directors

EAX board is made up of investors with a common vision to create the premier commodity exchange in each country of operation within Sub-Saharan A...
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Management Team

EAX is incorporated in all member states of the East African Community and is able to facilitate trade throughout the region, the entire continen...
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Business partners often start working together from planning phase and rolling out project milestones based on a few common ground rules. Sooner ...
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Company Profile

EAX is regional commodity exchange offering commodity trade services in Rwanda and East Africa Community (EAC) common markets (173 million consum...
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What is East Africa Exchange (EAX)? East Africa Exchange (EAX) is a regional agricultural commodities exchange. It is a virtual market place th...
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