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Category: Cooperative Services

EAX joined together with Members of Gwiza RW34 Cooperative in a Community Service of Umuganda.


In a monthly community work named Umuganda, The East Africa Exchange (EAX) joined together with the community of Ntunga cell, Mwurire sector, district of Rwamangana In Eastern Province of Rwanda to rehabilitate the road toward Ntunga community market. In addition EAX financed mutual health insurance for medical cover to 10 families within the community.  

According to Joshua Rugema, EAX Country Director, the community work with grains aggregators was done as part of government program of Umuganda targeting to achieve a common outcome. It was a good time to strengthen relationships and collaboration between EAX and its members in Rwamagana district. 

Umuganda is a government initiative to bring Rwandans together in an effort to build the country and nurture a shared national identity. The government of Rwanda drew on aspects of the culture and traditional practices to enrich and adapt its development programs to the country’s needs and context. EAX and its members grouped in Gwiza RW34 cooperative located in Rwamagana joined for Umuganda work and had an opportunity to discuss in order to come up with home grown solutions on grains aggregation strategy for the upcoming season in February 2017 

The executive secretary of Mwurire Sector, Chantal Mukashyaka expressed gratitude to EAX for joining the sector in the community work and praised EAX for health insurance donations to poor families. Chantal said it has been a tremendous profit experience for farmers who are storing maize and beans at EAX nearby warehouse located in Rwamagana – Musha. EAX services reduced the effect of middle men who often pay small amount of money to farmer in the year 2016. By using storage facilities of EAX today farmers are able to store and sell later when prices are increased.